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Gameplay Programmer - Doomerang

Independent Game | 2017

  • Description: Fight your way in arena style combat and become the ultimate boomerang warrior.
  • Project Management: Integrated the SCRUM (an AGILE framework) pipeline
  • Gameplay Programmer: Created the user interface and combat mechanics of the characters

Gameplay Programmer - Dialect Effect

Language Learning VR Experience | 2017

  • Tools: Unreal Engine (Blueprint), Perforce, HTC Vive
  • Description: Manipulate the world with your words as you learn Mandarin in this exciting VR Experience. 
  • Gameplay Programmer: Established a tool that makes creating content for speech recognition and virtual reality more efficent

Tech Engineer - Co

Conversational User Interface Prototype  | 2016

  • Tools: Raspberry Pi,  Python, Processing
  • Description: Co is a prototype of the potential future of conversational user interfaces.
  • Tech Engineer: Created a system for blinking LED Lights and aided in potential implementation of technologies. 

Gameplay Programmer - MORPH 

Independent Game | 2016

  • Tools: Unity (C#)
  • Description: Help MORPH traverse through the Darklands by transforming into the different phases of matter; liquid, solid, and gas!
  • Tools Programmer: Constructed intuitive elements: checkpoint flag, vents, lava, moving platforms, etc...
  • Gameplay Programmer: Created protagonist MORPH and his different phases of matter.


Gameplay Programmer - BANISh

Savannah Global Game Jam Winner (Best of Show) | 2016

  • Tools: Unity (C#)
  • Description: Take part in intense player vs player combat. sacrifice your opponent, feed your demon, and banish your rival forever.
  • Project Manager: Utilized the MoSCoW method to prioritize tasks and assign roles.
  • Gameplay Programmer: Constructed a base character class for both players and  Implemented animations alongside blood effects.

Gameplay Programmer - Monochrome

Independent Game | 2015

  • Tools: (Unity | C#)
  • Description: Traverse through the darkness in this top-down puzzle game. Use the light to reveal your path, but tread lightly, for the light burns. 
  • Tools Programmer: Created a modular system for different hazardous spotlights.
  • Gameplay Programmer: Implemented transitions from level to level, death effects, and all other aspects of the game.

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